School Visits

Available in-class, virtually and as teacher trainings.

Wendy giving presentation during School Visit

If I Have a Penny - Book Reading and Activities

Children learn that we have to save money to develop the power to buy things we want. After reading the book, children make decisions about saving and spending, and participate in customized activities. (K - 2nd grade)

If I Earn a Penny book cover

If I Earn a Penny - Book Reading and Activities

Children meet a girl who earns money planting seeds for her mother, then creates businesses from the plants she grows - all with the help of a robot. Activities include creating a business plan, or designing a robot. (K - 2nd grade)

Picture of teacher training

Teacher Trainings

Interactive training on Bizzy Whiz books and programs correlated with state standards in personal financial literacy and economics. Focus on saving, earning, STEM careers or budgeting. (PreK - elementary educators.)

Wendy with Children during School Visit

A Job For Pibot

Children learn that we have to work hard at a job day after day to make money, and that adults put money in the bank before spending it. After reading the book, we sing the earning song, then create job hats. (PreK -1st grade)

Image for standard of living and quality of life lesson plan

Budgeting for a Quality Life

Students learn about careers and the cost of living in their area. Then each student creates a visual representation of earning and spending goals. Students explore use of time, and the cost of the activities they enjoy. (4th-5th grade and up)

Image of kids during Saving Money and Banking program

Saving Money and Banking

Student groups create and present posters. Some talk about the benefits of saving. Others try their hands at banking and attracting customers. Then each student makes decisions on where and how to save. (3rd-5th grade and up)

Image of kids during Three Pigs after the Earthquake program

Bizzy Whiz and The Three Pigs after the Earthquake

Children design and build model homes, then test the homes through a simulated earthquake. After performing The Three Pigs skit, they choose a house they want to live in. Construction, structural engineering, acting, spending power, income, poverty alleviation. (1st – 5th grades+)