Author/Entrepreneur School Visits

Available in-class, virtually and as teacher trainings.
Wendy with Children during School Visit
A Job For Pibot

Children learn that we have to work hard at a job day after day to make money. Read aloud; song; motion; decision making. Color, cut out and assemble a job hat. Discuss how money gets in the bank before we can take it out. (Preschool - 1st grade).

Wendy giving presentation during School Visit
If I Have a Penny

Children learn that we have to save money to develop the power to buy the things we want. Read aloud the 32- page picture book If I Have a Penny. Children color and assemble saving, spending and earning signs which they use to participate as we read the book. (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

Children during School Visit
Bizzy Whiz and The Three Pigs after the Earthquake

Children design and build model homes, then test the homes through a simulated earthquake. After performing The Three Pigs skit, they choose a house they want to live in. Construction, structural engineering, acting, spending power, income, poverty alleviation. (1st – 5th grades+)