A Job for Pibot - Song

Pibot Song

The Ideas behind the Story

  • People work hard day after day to earn money!
  • Working is fun when you find a job you like to do!

Keywords: Financial Literacy, Earning, Robots, Technology
Book Specs

Paperback, Words: 27, Pages: 8, Size: 8 1⁄4”L x 5 1⁄2”W
Ages: 4-7

Book $2.99

Job for Pibot Lesson Plan—Free Download

The Story

Pibot gets a job and works hard using amazing robot arms to pick apples and wash cars. The reward is a paycheck! Then Pibot tries a job that creates smiles! Rhyming verse can be sung or chanted.

The Lesson Plan and Activities

Expanded lesson plan is loaded with interactive fun. Song, motion and hat-making activity can be used in a classroom, or at home. Additional learning points tie in with community helper curriculums. Suggested activities take adults and children into the community to have a good time, and learn about a favorite, but often overlooked,topic – making money!