If I Have a Penny

A Story about Saving and Spending with Ten Frame Counting

If I Have A Penny Title Page

The Ideas behind the Story

  • We have choices about what we do with money.
  • If we save more and more money, we can buy larger and larger things.
  • Banks help us manage money.

Keywords: Saving, spending, financial literacy, banking, coin identification, coin counting, ten frames, delayed gratification, choices.
Book Specs
Pages: 32, Words: 427
Size: 11”W x 8.5”H

Book $12.99

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“The book If I Have a Penny is very appealing for young children. It has bright colors, friendly characters and teaches valuable lessons. I can see this as a very valuable resource to teach financial literacy to young children pre-k through second grade. It’s engaging, has sound teaching concepts, and is a fun book to look at.”

Tom Rutan – Retired Associate Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Ohio Department of Education

The Story

A child enjoys fantasizing about the things he can buy if he saves larger and larger amounts of money. He also enjoys visiting the bank to exchange coins and open a savings account.

  • Bizzy Whiz characters illustrate saving and spending activities.
  • Ten frames illustrate coins growing from one cent to a dollar, offering opportunities to count by ones, fives, tens. and quartiles.
  • Individual pages offer opportunities for discussions on:
  • Gift-giving (sharing)
  • Donating
  • Goods versus services
  • Collecting for fun and profit
  • Buying and managing a business
  • Sports as a business