If I Have A Penny Title Page

If I Have a Penny

A Story about Saving and Spending with Ten Frame Counting
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A child fantasizes about the things he can buy if he saves larger and larger amounts of money. Paperback, Pages: 32, Size: 8 1⁄2” x 11”
Age Group: 4-8

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If I earn a Penny

If I Earn a Penny

A Story about Planting Seeds and Earning Money
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An enterprising girl, helped by an inventive robot, earns a penny for every seed she plants. Once the plants grow, she fantasizes about earning more money by using the crops to create businesses. Paperback. Pages:32. Size 8 1/2" x 11"
Age Group: 4-8

Book $12.99

Pibot Song

A Job for Pibot - Song

Pibot finds a job and works hard to earn money. Pibot’s paycheck goes into the Bizzy Whiz Bank. Then Pibot finds a fun job! Rhyming verse can be chanted or sung.

Book $2.99

Job for Pibot Lesson Plan—Free Download

Three Pigs After the Earthquate Lesson Plan Cover Image

Three Pigs after the Earthquake Lesson Plan—Free Download

In this active, fun-filled lesson plan, students learn about careers in construction and entertainment. They build and test earthquake-proof homes, and then choose the home they want to live in based on lifestyle preferences and income.

Standard of Living and Quality of Life Lesson Plan Cover Image

Standard of Living & Quality of Life Lesson Plan—Free Download

Students create drawings of the things they enjoy doing, then examine how much money they will have after basic needs are met to pursue the activities they love that cost money. Meets 5th Grade Nevada Academic Content Standard SS.5.38

Savings Benefits and Methods Lesson Plan Cover Image

Savings Benefits and Methods Lesson Plan—Free Download

Students create posters about the benefits of saving, and ways and places they can save money. Then each student makes decisions on where and how to save. Meets 4th Grade Nevada Academic Content Standard SS.4.32